New Website!

Posted on Jun 26, 2012
New Website!

Whoever said building websites was easy was a liar. My hands are too rough and have too many calluses on them to use a keyboard or a computer that much. My eyes are bleary and my head hurts from late nights trying to figure out .css and .php files. It’s all a foreign language to me, but finally my site is LIVE! I’m totally stoked and in the end, very happy that I did it myself. My previous website was set up by a good friend of mine and he helped me out in a time of need. He got me going and provided lots of help through the last few years. Now, however, I have set something up that I feel is much more ‘Stinner Frameworks.’ Its the site that I have wanted for quite some time. Mostly because I’m in control of the content.

Being a framebuilder, you learn to be in control of a lot of things. Tight tolerances, round tubes, tight fillets and tighter miters. I was struggling with not having control over my website. It’s the one thing, other than my frames, that represents what ‘we’ are all about. So now I can control what goes where and what gets shown, and I’m very happy.

I haven’t stopped building though! I have had busy days in the shops. I have a few sets of complete-bike photos that I will be posting in the Journal later this week. Spectrum is all caught up and they are turning frames around like mad! Now that I’m done building my dream site I can focus on getting frames out the door even faster. Currently my wait time is 3 months. If you have thought about getting a frame, now is the time. If you hope to get a frame in time for cross season ……. I would have liked to have received your deposit yesterday. Seriously, cross is right around the corner. If you want in on the goodness, get in while you still can.

Please bookmark the site! I will be posting LOTS of new things and hopefully opening a store with goodies in the not-too-distant future. T-Shirts, Caps, Jerseys, Bibs, etc. I will also make it easier to get order forms and place deposits straight through pay pal. If you see anything that I should change or isn’t working, please contact me through the Contact page on this site.

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