We often get asked by customers to do some really fun projects. Sometimes we have to respectfully decline, mostly because there are better builders out there for their “custom” projects. Usually these projects don’t fall into the norm of your “typical” bike. Aaron likes to call these “dream” bikes and Aaron loves to dream. A few times a year though, we find the right project for us and take it on. Racks, Fenders, Disc Brakes, Internal Geared Hubs, Belts, Bells, Whistles, etc. When its custom, its custom!

All Stinner’s are custom built one at a time. All frames are designed for the rider and its intended use. That means that fit, geometry, tube specs and configuration are all custom to the rider and what they want out of their “custom” bike.


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· There are no “standard” features for our “custom” builds. All custom builds are billed on an as needed basis. This allows us to give a fair price to the customer and ensure that we get compensated  for our time. Most “custom” builds take much longer because of design work and preparation time for that build. If you have a design project in mind that doesn’t fit the bill of our normal builds, please send us an email so we can discuss your options.