So what exactly is a cyclocross bike these days? Great question. We build our cyclocross bikes with racing in mind. Driven by our passion for the hard one-hour events, we set out to design a bike that can handle anything you can throw at it between the tape. Of course, no body only brings their bike out for the weekend races and then never rides it during the week, so we strive to make balanced riding bikes for every rider that they can thrash on their local trails or enjoy on the odd dirt road ride. Cyclocross bikes are the original 'do-it-all' bikes, and ours will help you get the hole shot...or take you down that unknown dirt road. 


Frame and Fork // $2,295

Disc Frame and Fork // $2,595

Complete Bikes Starting at // $4,000



· Custom Frame Geometry

· Painted-to-Match Enve or Whisky Carbon Fork or Stinner Custom Steel

· Custom Tubing Selection

· TIG-welded construction

· Straight 1 1/8″  or 1 1/8″ to 1.5″ Tapered Headtube

· Threaded or PF30 Bottom Bracket

Choose a gruppo, cockpit and wheelset for your Stinner:

choose a paint scheme for your stinner:

All of our frames come with a liquid painted finish that we do entirely in-house so we can guarantee the highest level of quality. That means you get to work directly with our painter and design team to create a look that is one of a kind. Our Standard Finish, included in the base price, is a single base color with a single color decal. Below is our 2015 Standard Color Palette. 

Choose a Base Color:

Choose a Decal Color:

Our paint department doesn't just stop at our Standard Finish. We have been known to spray some great looking colors in all kinds of different designs. This is just the tip of the ice berg! We haven't run into a paint design we couldn't tackle, so just let us know your wild ideas and we'll turn it into reality.