What does Stinner Frameworks define as "custom"?  

In a way, a lot of what we build is custom in the sense that no two bikes are ever the same, because the combination of size, paint job, and build kit varies with every order that leaves our shop.  However, a fully custom bike in our books means that you are opting for non-standard geometry, a specific build kit, a one-off paint scheme, or all of the above.  Custom ordering allows you to make a frame that's truly yours in fit, componentry, and design, all within the realm of Stinner Frameworks' applied expertise and aesthetic, of course.

Stinner Frameworks reserves the right to modify or veto any requests or ideas that we deem inappropriate or inconsistent with our branding.  



For an additional $250, we will create a unique custom geometry draft based on your riding style, body measurements, and bike fit.  If you do not have a professional bike fit report, please refer to the diagram below to take the measurements off of your current bike, and then answer the questions that follow to give us an idea of your riding style and abilities.  The data that you provide will be used to create a frame that we know will fit you well, give the best riding performance, and remain within our brand's aesthetic.  If you're local or in the area, we also encourage you to stop by our shop with your current, best-fitting bike for a full fit and measurement.

Your frame draft will be shared with you and fabrication will not begin until we receive your official approval.  For this reason, we ask that all requests for revisions to your geometry draft be made promptly.


 custom PAINT

Fully custom paint is always an option for our customers who would like us to turn their passions, interests, and inspirations into a tangible work of art.  Our in-house designer has thousands of hours of creative experience that allows us to combine your direction with our branding into a stunning finished product.  

Because fully custom designs are time-intensive, we ask that you send us your design ideas at the time of your initial deposit.  With a $250 artwork and design fee, we will send you three design mock-ups and paint spray-offs for you to decide on and approve; any further mock-ups or spray-offs will be billed at a rate of $50 each.  This is separate from the actual cost of the paint job, which varies with the amount of labor and materials.


Please contact us via email or give us a call at +1 (805) 845-2406.  We're happy to start working with you!