Thanks to our in-house paint and design capabilities, we can ensure that your Stinner will look as great as it rides. We have numerous finish options available.  We use the best wet paint available and paint each bike in our shop with care, resulting in a paint finish that looks great and allows you to express yourself. 


StANDARD Paint Colors

Our paint palette has been selected to give you a wide range of choices.  By default, our bikes have a gloss finish.  Matte finish is available for an additional $100. 


Standard Designs



C L A S S I C –  $0

This is our basic finish that's included with each frame. It includes a single stock paint color, with a second color for the decal.

Timeless, elegant, and classic. 




I N C L I N E  –  $200

This option adds a painted panel to the inside fork panel for an extra splash of color.  Incline can use up to three stock colors.

Subtle and eye-catching.


A M B A S S A D O R  –  $400

Two accent stripes run in-line from the seatstays to the fork.

Inspiring and balanced.




M E D I O / M E D I O  –  $400

Available only on our Titanium and stainless steel frames.  This scheme adds a 'slice' of exposed metal to the paint scheme.

Edgy, honest, and modern.


F A D E  –  $500

We blend up to three of our stock colors together across the frame set.

A seamless pop of color.


Custom Paint

Our Standard finishes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to paint choices.  To get things started on a custom paint job, we'll ask for an overview of what you have in mind, a target budget range for the project, your design inspiration, and a $250 design fee.  You will work directly with our designer and painter to create a mock-up of your paint job for approval. 

Three mock-ups are included in the design fee.  Logo design and any subsequent revisions will be billed at an additional rate.  If you have any questions about our paint capabilities or would like to discuss your ideas for a custom paint job, please contact us