In the world of “custom” anything is possible. Which can be a difficult and daunting task for all parties involved. You probably already have a million questions and ideas running through your mind and you haven’t even put your deposit down yet! However, here at Stinner Frameworks, we try to keep its simple for you. We have a two options for you to choose from, depending on the type of finish you are trying to achieve. Please read below and check out our finish options. If you have any questions, please contact us.


NEW! Standard Finishes – Included

We have moved all of Standard Finish work to Southern California. This has allowed us to decrease our wait times and get you your custom frame sooner! All frames come with a single color base coat with a top mount single color decal. These decals have been used in the cycling and automotive industry for years and are abrasive and solvent resistant. We have found this to be the best finish application for our frames and our customers.


Custom Show Finishes – $700+

If you can’t find what you want with our Standard Finish, a custom finish is probably what you are looking for. For our Custom Finishes we can do┬áPinstripes, Metallics, Panels, Shapes, Graphics, etc. Sky is literally the limit. If you go this route, we encourage you to dream big! Its always fun to see what we can work on together and what we can come up with. We encourage everyone to go with a liquid paint finish because this offers the most diverse color options. We found that powder coat is great for a standard finish, but when you start to getting into more complex artwork, there is nothing that beats liquid paint. Just know you will be getting the top of the line finish when you go this route. UPDATE (5/27/14): We have worked really hard to keep wait times down for you. If you choose to go this route, you will only be waiting an extra week or two depending on the complexity of your frame finish.


Steps to choosing your Standard Finish


Step 1: Choosing Your Base Color

Choose any color from the RAL chart below. Once you have chosen your base color, please note it on the Order Form.



CAUTION: The following color card is an approximate display of RAL colors. A perfect color rendering is not feasible because of the differences in video and print rendering devices. Please refer to an original RAL color card for precise color reproduction. We also offer various effect powders, including flakes and pearls, as well as a matte or satin topcoat that can be applied over any base color.




Step 2: Choosing Your Decal Color

Below are the ONLY decal options. Previous decal options are no longer available. From the RAL chart below, choose a color for your decals (you’ll want this to compliment your base color). Once you have chosen a decal color please note it on the Order Form.