Stinner makes handmade, custom steel and titanium road, gravel, cyclocross, and mountain bikes that unite their owners with the California spirit of freedom, fun and adventure. Each Stinner is unique; a marriage of metal and soul, fine-tuned to delight and inspire its rider.

We build bikes because we love them and the places they take us.



We focus on the ride. Our bikes are geared towards the essential, maximizing
performance and minimizing headaches.

Custom Handbuilt Titanium Cyclocross Bike
Custom handbuilt steel mountain bike

Handbuilt in the USA

We are committed to re-imagining American manufacturing, and providing meaningful and long-lasting careers for our employees.


Steel and titanium

We build with steel and titanium because of their ride quality, lifespan, durability, and low environmental impact.

Custom titanium road bikeuc
custom titanium mountain bike

Experience and Service

We deliver a frictionless bike-buying process by blending a simple online order process with high-touch personal follow up.


Speed of Delivery

We have perfected a 'one piece flow' manufacturing process, which enables us to reduce our lead times down to 6-8 weeks.

Custom steel cyclocross bike