Stinner has partnered with a small number of world-class retailers who deliver an excellent in-person experience, and who can assist you with the process of ordering your Stinner frame or complete bike. 

If you would like to work with your local shop or fit studio and you do not see them on this list, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss the possibility.  Prospective retailers are also encouraged to contact us if interested in carrying our bikes.

United States


Located on the northern end of Los Angeles County, Pedalers Fork is a well-executed combination of bike shop, restaurant, and coffee shop. Pedalers Fork is situated at the base of the Santa Monica mountains, which host a wide variety of world-class road, mountain, and gravel riding. 



Golden Saddle Cyclery is located in Silverlake, just a few minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The GSC crew is knowledgeable about everything bike-related, and they're located very near the Griffith Park Observatory which hosts some great riding. 


STudio velo - Mill valley, CA

Studio Velo is located in Mill Valley, in the heart of Marin County California. With the excellent road, mountain, and gravel riding of Mt. Tam just a few miles away from the shop, it's no surprise that Studio Velo is a world-class shop offering excellent service, fits, and more. 

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Bespoke Cycles - San Francisco, CA

Bespoke Cycles is San Francisco's premier fit studio and custom bike shop.  Bespoke is just a few minutes' ride from the Golden Gate Bridge, which accesses the excellent roads and trails in the Marin County area.


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kozmic Bicycles - seoul, South korea

Kozmic Bicycles is the premier shop in Seoul, South Korea. Kozmic will be able to ensure that your Stinner order process and build goes smoothly with their excellent customer service and attention to detail! 

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Fitsküul - Singapore

Fitsküul is a dedicated fit and bicycle studio. Fitsküul works with some of the top athletes in the region. For any customers in Singapore, Fitsküul will be able to assist with your Stinner fit and purchase. 


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Fusion Cycles - Brisbane, QLD

Fusion Cycles is a top-notch shop that also runs some legendary group rides. Fusion is a must-visit in Brisbane if you're looking to order a Stinner and meet their awesome group of employees.

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Hampton Cycles - Hampton, VIC

Hampton Cycles is Melbourne's top cycle shop.  Be sure to stop by Hampton if you're in the area for a quality fit, have some mechanic work done, attend a local group ride, and of course to order a Stinner. 


Eaven Cycles - Buchholz, Germany

Eaven Cycles is a custom bicycle distributor located in Germany.  The team behind Eaven Cycles has decades of experience in the bike industry and the cycling market, and possess fine-tuned mechanical skills in both road and mountain cycling.  Eaven Cycles does not have a traditional shop and instead focuses on its excellent online service, while taking the occasional road trip to their main brands' factories.