The 2017 Collection: What's New

Stinner Frameworks is entering its 6th year, and during this time we've learned what really resonates with our customer base and how to structure our business model.  For that reason, we've made some changes to our frame line up as well as our ordering processes for both dealers and customers. 



The 2017 Gibraltar-D /// Road Disc

          All of our frames have undergone geometry modernization for 2017, allowing us to be able to fit more riders and improve overall aesthetics.  We have also added two new members to our frameset family: the Gibraltar-D and the Romero.  The Gibraltar-D is essentially a carbon copy of the classic Gibraltar, but with flat mount disc brakes.  The Romero is a beefed-up version of our cyclocross bike, with the ability to fit up to 45mm of tire width.

The 2017 Tunnel /// Mountain Plus

         Additionally, we have combined steel and titanium frames under single model names.  The classic road frames will be called the Gibraltar, all road-disc frames are called the Gibraltar-D, gravel/all-road frames are named Refugio, our new monster 'cross bikes are the Romero, and the mountain plus frame is called the Tunnel.  Each model can then be broken down to specify their material (a titanium road frame is called a Gibraltar Ti). An exception to this rule is with the Tunnel, which is available only in steel.


          The Collection models now feature three levels of Build Kits to choose from for ease of ordering and affordability.  Almost all models have some level of FSA components and a price-appropriate combination of groupset and wheels.  However, we are still happy to order from popular companies like Enve, Thomson, and Fizik for custom cockpits and send hand-built wheelset orders through Jones Precision Wheels for any custom bike builds you have in mind.

paint schemes:

2017 Collection Paint Scheme for the Gibraltar-D

          The 2017 Collection features a special paint design for each bike model, which come free of charge with a bike purchase.  Each design has two different color-ways to choose from.  A 2017 Splatter scheme is also available to purchase for an added $750.  If your customer would like to swap a Collection design from one bike model to another bike model, this will be billed as a $500 Custom paint job.  Colors changes on a Collection design are billed at a rate of $150 per color swap.

          Our Classic Designs (Standard, Incline, Ambassador, and Fade) are still very popular and will be made available as well.  The Paint Configurator is up and running to help you and customers decide on a Classic Design with classic paint colors. 


          The 2017 Collection was put together with the idea of giving a customer- and dealer-friendly ordering process.  Simply choose the frame material and size, pick a build kit level and paint job, and click "Order."  This process allows us as a workshop to quickly pull together design packages for each customer and push bikes through production efficiently.  It also allows you as a Dealer to clearly lay out high-quality and interesting options to your customer at an affordable price point. 

          We are aware, though, that the custom bike process is very deeply ingrained in Stinner's company image.  For that reason, we are still more than happy to build custom bikes from the ground up for you and your customer base.  In the Dealer Portal, we've created a Custom Order Form that allows you to get into all of the custom details of the order, whether you're customizing the geometry, build kit, paint job, or all of the above. 


We hope that you are as excited about the 2017 Collection as we are at Stinner headquarters.  If you have any questions about the line up or ordering, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to help you!