Dustin Klein x Stinner Bikes

Photography: Gabe Fox

Making is a form of expression, a combination of function, utility, and aesthetic for public consumption, a comment on culture. Stinner Bikes and Dustin Klein have merged efforts to focus on geometric simplicity, creating bikes designed for performance with a nod towards art.

Motion and color and are intrinsic elements of cycling in which the former spills into the latter.

DKlein and Stinner Bikes, though they operate in different realms, use craft to act on the world they see, a form of freedom and expression. Art changes how we perceive what we do, it allows us to connect seemingly disparate spheres.

Announcing the Stinner Bikes and DKlein collaboration: For a limited time, Dustin Klein will be custom painting a small number of Stinner frames which will be pre-sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Each frame will be numbered and unique.

Dustin Klein: "Being a maker, I feel compelled to create. I focus this energy into an art practice working with intuition, rhythm, and pattern. The practice is a meditation that allows me to slow down and translate the experience of my emotions into a visual language."

The process to get in line is easy and starts with getting in touch HERE. Any of our models can be painted with a DKlein paint scheme. 


  • Road Steel: $4095
  • Gravel/CX Steel: $4395
  • Road Ti: $5295
  • Gravel/CX Ti: $5595
  • Mountain Steel: $3745
  • Mountain Ti: $4945