Black Sheep Cycling: Obsession

Obsession {noun} An idea, thought or passion that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s life. OBSESSION by Black Sheep showcases what we love about cycling. The moments that have us on the edge of our saddle, the people driving change, and the photography that stops time. OBSESSION Issue 1 features Stinner Bikes and Natalie Starr.

Being a maker encapsulates you. It's not just the product and it's not just the process. There's a culture surrounding it, and most makers want to spread the obsession with others, instill a sense of their own passion with the public. Black Sheep Cycling is launching OBSESSION, a new publication in print and digital form (click here for digital edition). The first edition, coming out November 1, will feature Aaron Stinner. We're looking forward to working with the brand as we combine different cultures with art and literature.

Available in newsprint and digital from November 1 |