Introducing Stinner Seasonal Colors

Stinner Bikes would like to introduce something brand new, something we’ve never done before. A new addition to our standard color options will be seasonal color variants, available for 90 days from launch.

Seasonal colors connect the rider to the time and space of the machine’s creation. These bike paint options take the ephemeral, the unique seasons of Santa Barbara, and create permanence in the form of vivid color.

Our creative director and photographer Matthew Miller set out to capture images from the water that inspire us. Blues, muted greens, and winter whites put this Winter’s colors on a handbuilt bike, allowing the rider to transfer emotion into motion. In Santa Barbara, Winter means strong surf in cold water.

Matt’s photography caught the clashing colors associated with the beach breaks, pitting the soft light of the Winter skies against the churning ocean’s greens and blues crashing into the sandy bluffs sprinkled with coastal grasses. 

Santa Barbara Seasonal colors will resonate all year, complementing or artfully contrasting with the colors of your ride.

After 90 days we’ll transfer into the next season’s colors. To see more of our inspiration for our Winter colors, check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Each photo below represents one of the Winter colors to be unveiled. To read about the color, hover over each image.  Creative Director and photographer Matt Miller captured these images looking for colors that inspire. 

El Capitan Winter Green

El Capitan is a fickle wave just north of Stinner Bikes. On a lucky day, a swell from the West sets El Capitan off, churning the water into an angry green. On those good days, locals risk shallow depths to get a piece of the break. These blue-green waters inspired Stinner Frameworks’ El Capitan Green Winter color.  It’s easy to lose yourself at El Cap.


Rincon Blue

Situated at the southern end of Santa Barbara County, Rincon might be Santa Barbara’s most famous surf spot. The local swell’s deep vivid blues contrast with the coastline’s rocky shores and chaparral covered steep mountains. Rincon worked its way into the Beach Boy’s famous song “Surfin’ Safari,” to become one of California’s iconic surf spots. Rincon inspires Stinner Bike’s deep blue seasonal winter color, a staple of the California seasons, “Rincon Blue.”

Naples Winter Grey

The Naples preserve inspires the white and grey Stinner Bikes’ Winter seasonal color. The frothing waters during the winter months of this local reef break diffuses relaxing, cold whites and grays. Naples is in a rural part of the Santa Barbara coast just off Highway 101. Framed by coastal grasses and rocky bluffs, this is one of those places where you go to escape for a bit. Almost turned into a housing development, locals fought to keep Naples untouched and won.