Spring Seasonal Colors

Photo: Gabe Fox

Photo: Gabe Fox

Winter has quickly ended in Santa Barbara, the hills and mountains are green and populated with bursts of wildflowers. The days are longer, the hillsides are in bloom. Spring is a time to go outside, a time to ride and race, and a time for vivid color.

Two of the Stinner Winter Colors will be retired: El Capitan Green and Naples Winter Grey. However, Rincon Blue will be sticking around—an iconic color for an iconic surf spot.

So what does Spring look like in Santa Barbara?

The Stinner Spring colors symbolize action, getting outside. The Santa Barbara Spring is about doing. Inspired by life in motion, Matt captured single elements of the constellation of activities that embody a Santa Barbara Spring.

From these moments, we drew motivation for our Spring colors. Each photo below represents one of the Spring colors to be unveiled.

Photos: Matthew Miller

Sunrise Lavender
The lengthening days mean earlier sunrises. The low light glints off wispy clouds, a red-lavender hue encapsulating the morning horizon, bouncing off the rocky Santa Ynez Mountains behind and profiling the Channel Islands in the distance. A sense of coming warmth greets early morning runners, cyclists, and surfers. Surfers on dawn patrol float in the lavender tinted swell, paddling into curling waves, a sense of flow before a day of work. It is in Spring this becomes tenable. People in Santa Barbara seek a striking beginning to their day, a reminder that there is a sunrise each morning.

Tar Sand Black
Off the coast of Santa Barbara, the Earth comes to life in the form of oil and tar seeping from below the ocean floor. Some of the largest oil seeps in the world are just off the coast of Santa Barbara, washing up as clumps of tar on the beach. In many places, the sand takes on a particularly dark color. The oil floating in the water, in the right light, appears as a rainbow of color. Bare feet in the cold, dark sand full of ocean life from epoch’s past is particularly Santa Barbara. Spring in Santa Barbara signals more time, for many, with their feet in the sand. This paint color has a unique sparkle in the sun.

Century Plant Green
The Century Plant, Agave Americana, litter local mountains and have become part of the image for Mission Santa Barbara. Though, not native to Santa Barbara, the drought resistant, hearty plants thrive in the temperate weather. The subtle green stands out against the brighter grasses and flowers as if to show the plant is old, wise, and in it for the long-haul. People have used the plants for making drinks such as mezcal and use the tough fibers for rope. The plant yields a natural sugar, agave, used in many Spring drinks. The Santa Barbara Spring means more ride time, and one cannot miss these old plants, indeed.

Seasonal colors:
Santa Barbara Seasonal colors will resonate all year, complementing or artfully contrasting with the colors of your ride.

After 90 days we’ll transfer into the next season’s colors. To see more of our inspiration for our Spring colors, check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts.