Stinner Prototype: Jeremy Platt's 27.5+ MTB

Photography: Gabe Fox

Jeremy Platt is the Stinner operations lead and bike builder. Jeremy is a mountain biker before anything else. Here at Stinner, it's sometimes a little tortuous to be building so many dream bikes with no time to build our own. So, we made a bit of room to build something everybody here has been a bit curious about, but perhaps no more so than Jeremy. Introducing the 27.5+ (semi-fat) hard tail dreamed up by Jeremy Platt.

In his own words:

This is the Stinner Steel 27.5+ hardtail mountain bike. Made to hit any trail and leave the biggest smile on the face of any rider. I built it with a 160mm dual air Pike with a slack head tube angle to keep it aggressive and fun as well as 3” tires that are able to drop into PSI in the low teens. They won't budge when in contact with the ground. A low slung bottom bracket keeps it stable and confidence high on your favorite trails.

I love to ride, and throwing a leg over a mountain bike was the reason why I've made bikes the focus of my professional passion. I have had the full gamut of bikes, a DH race machine, the all-mountain slayer, the fun 29er, and a trail worthy fat bike. All of those were great bikes but each one had pluses and minuses.

One of the tried and true measures of a bike, though, is how much it makes you smile. That was why this bike came to be, to leave me grinning from ear to ear. So taking the ideas that made each bike smile worthy and making them work in a single platform, the Stinner semi-fat bike prototype was born, helping us remember why we ride: for the smile.

The reason this bike has Stinner written on the down tube is because it embodies our passion for dirt. We know how a bike should ride and respond and we put all the right features into this bike to make it do just that. Long, low, and ready to rip.
Using our expert fabrication skills and Stinner select tubing we are able to strike a perfect balance between keeping the steel frame bullet proof but retain a lively feel. When it came time to spec the parts for this bike, as we all know, it is highly personal.

The build is mine personally, but the final product should not deviate too far from this spec, because I truly believe these are the perfect parts for this bike. They are from brands that share the same values as Stinner, high quality and backed by passion for the bike. Race Face bars and cranks are a perfect selection for contact points. SixC stuff is as good as it gets.

The made in is USA Wolf tooth oval chain ring is the go to ring for any 1x set up. Keeping your traction is the name of the game, and Schwalbe Nobby Nic 3.0F/2.8R tires keep you firmly rooted in any condition. Made in USA White Industries CLD Boost hubs keep the wheels nice and anchored. An upgraded 48 point engagement in the CLD+ is a must for technical climbing.

Finally, a Dual Air 160mm Pike RCT3 takes care of the ups and especially the downs.