The Rapha + Stinner Bike

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on a special collaboration bike with cycling apparel company Rapha. Rapha and Stinner share a commitment to creating cycling products of the highest quality that also embody simplicity, which served as the impetus for this project.

We worked closely with Rapha to develop a design that pays homage to Los Angeles, a location both brands are closely tied to. Rapha opened a pop-up location in Los Angeles a few months ago, and being located in nearby Santa Barbara, we often travel to Los Angeles to ride and to check out the city. This mutual connection to Los Angeles inspired this collaboration and fueled the design process.

Once we had this initial concept in mind, we got started with the fabrication of the frame. The process starts with our Stinner Select Tubing, which has been chosen for its blend of light weight, responsiveness, and strength. We precisely cut, miter, and fit every tube before it is welded. We then join the frame tubes via TIG welding using industry best practices, being careful to check alignment of the frame at key points along the way. By working stepwise throughout the welding process, post-weld corrections are minimized.

After completing the fabrication of the frame, we worked closely with Rapha to turn an initial design inspiration into a detailed paint mock-up. The paint scheme uses elements of the city map of Los Angeles, and is inspired by the classic aesthetic of early- to mid-century LA.

Once the design was finalized, we got to work on the intricate paint job. Due to the complexity of the masking, the combination of a matte and gloss finish, and the paint on the bars, stem, and seatpost, the paint job took approximately 60 hours from start to finish. 

Finally, we built the frameset with care once the paint had cured. The build features a full Shimano Dura Ace gruppo, matching PRO components, and Enve rims built by Jones Precision Wheels. Needless to say, we are extremely thrilled to have been able to work with Rapha on this project!