The Man Ride


The Man Ride is a transcontinental collaboration of epic proportions. 16 guys, two continents, one goal – to raise awareness for Men’s Mental Illness. On October 13th, Black Sheep Cycling will be releasing a documentary about the ride and men's mental health issues.

For the complete website for this ride and collaboration between Black Sheep Cycling and Stinner Frameworks head to for information on men's mental health, striking images, and the soon to be released documentary.

The Man Ride is all about creating a conversation around male-focused mental health. 1 in 5 men suffer from some form of mental illness. Black Sheep and Stinner Frameworks now have a voice where people listen. We want and need to use this voice to help bring change. And we're not talking about change in the monetary sense. That's not why were doing this. We're talking about change socially and culturally. 

Mental health issues are stigmatized. They're treated as a weakness or as an embarrassment, especially among men. But they shouldn't be. We should feel comfortable talking about our mental health issues. We should feel comfortable seeking help. We shouldn't feel embarrassed and we most certainly shouldn't be shamed. We're starting with The Man Ride. 

The way we are going to do this is to get you talking. To get you to realize this is not a taboo subject. If this hasn’t affected you, it’s affected your mate. The culmination of the Man Ride, for this year, is in the documentary that Black Sheep Cycling will be releasing on Thursday, 13th October. A documentary that uses the backdrop of things that make us happy: riding our bikes and being around mates, juxtaposed against some very real and personal stories of the people that are close to us. This is our attempt to close the door on social stigmas in a way that just makes sense to us.

This is unashamedly all about the Man, and raising awareness of the growing rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide.

We care about every Man in the community. Young Men. Old Men. New Fathers. Old Fathers. High Achievers. Men in Rural & Remote Areas. Unemployed.

The rates of depression among men are scarily high and only increasing. This issue can no longer be ignored, and requires immediate intervention.




The importance of exercise, for our group of motivated young males, is enormous. This is DIY mind health. Exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improves your mood. It can also get you out in the world, help to reduce any feelings of loneliness and isolation and put you in touch with other people.


Our mates are always the most important part. Whether it’s a boozy night out, going to the footy, or heading out for a ride, our mates get us away from the stress of life or into a zone where we can talk about the stuff that’s bugging us if we want to. Our mates also have collective wisdom. Sure some of them a stupid at some things and terrible at others, but they will all have shared an experience that we have not had. The hardest part is just talking to them at the start.


The myth that men should keep their feelings to themselves is a load of crap. Look at the statistics about men and their minds and you will quickly find that you are not alone. Bottling up your feelings, not talking about the stuff that is stressing you out will just become a time bomb. You are not weak, you are not sick. You are a guy that is awesome at what you do that isn’t superhuman. Talking to the people that matter will make you feel so much better, and a little more awesome.

Men of Steel Australia Route and Roster:

AUSTRALIA                                                   OUTBACK – REEF

249km – Alpha
243km – Kilcummin
306km – Collinsville
158km – Airlie Beach



Adam Versteege (Men of Steel)
Daniel Pickering (Men of Steel)
Lachlan Davidson (Men of Steel)
Sam Gifford (Men of Steel)
Craig Mackie (Fusion Cycles)
John Polson (Co-founder, Black Sheep)
Michael Knoff (Solicitor)
David Withers (Architect)



151mi – Bodega Bay
155mi – Santa Cruz
136mi – Cabrillo Hwy
151mi – Aero Camino



Brandon Baker (Men of Steel US)
Tosh Clements (Men of Steel US)
Taylor Clements (Men of Steel US)
Danny Katz (Men of Steel US)
Alex Darville (Men of Steel US)
Stephen Leece (Men of Steel US)
David Priest (Men of Steel US)
Aaron Stinner (Stinner Frameworks)