Welcome to The Vault, these are the current pre-designed finishes that we offer.

Simply choose a design below and notate it on your order form.

These finishes are priced effectively and affordably due to the fact that they are pre designed. Due to the intricacies and challenges with paint, any changes outside of simple add-ons will move you into the Full-Custom category. 

Inspired by nature.

Our current colorways explores the vibrant world that surrounds us. From the vivd Marigold poppys of spring to moody blue high mountain Tarns of the Sierras, brilliant Persimon sunsets, silica rich Riverrocks, and beyond. Each Vault colorway aims to evoke a spirit of exploration, experience and celebration of life on and off the bike.


M E S A  –  $375 ($840 w/Ti Panel)

V A R S I T Y  –  $350 ($800 w/Ti Panel)

P A R A D I S E –  $500 ($970 w/Ti Panel)

Q U A D  –  $395 ($880 w/Ti Panel)

C O L L E C T I O N  –  $775

L A D E R A  –  $775 ($945 w/Ti Panel)

Simple Paint Add-Ons and Full Custom:

If you’re looking to slightly modify, make a small addition or change a color- fret not. Below is an overlay of our offered add-on’s that can be applied to pre-made Basic or Vault schemes. *All Add-on’s are design permitting and pending approval.

Artboard 1 copy 7.jpg

Custom Color Swap: $75+

Dream colorway, our design? No problem. Must be sourced from We can help you select a color if references are provided.

Artboard 1 copy 8.jpg

Simple Fork Panel: $150

Generally reserved for a Basic Scheme. Using your decal color give your fork a little 'pop' with a panel.

Artboard 1 copy.jpg

Personal Logo: $250

Give yourself some motivation or show people who you are. Two placement options. Supplied image must be in vector format. Conversion services available.

Artboard 1.jpg

Name on Top-Tube: $110

Two Font options. Driveside only. No arguement- It's definitely your bike now!

Artboard 1 copy 10.jpg

Painted Accessory: +220/Ea

Pump? Seatpost, handlebar, stem? Sure thing. Match the frame or compliment it. 

Artboard 1 copy 4.jpg

Full Matte Finish: $145

Kill the Hi-Gloss and make it feel nuanced. Matte finishes have a certain mystique that generally lightens colors, removes highlights and gives the paint a chalk-like  look. 

Artboard 1 copy 11.jpg

Painted Decals: +300

Give the decals some recognition. Used on beadblasted frames to add some color to the bike. Limited colors available.

Artboard 1 copy 2.jpg

Hi-Polished Decals: +220

An almost mirror like polish to the Decals on a beadblasted frame. Say 'bling' and mean it.

Artboard 1 copy 9.jpg

Painted Fork(Stock Color): $220

Don't like the logos of your new fork? Use one of our 8 stock colors to jazz up an otherwise dull or overly branded carbon fork. 

Artboard 1 copy 5.jpg

Painted Fork (Custom Color): $440+

Myriad options. Pick any color you like from (or ask us to help you) to add to your fork.

Artboard 1 copy 3.jpg

Large Ti Panel with Paint: $435

Show of your Ti, show off your paint. Dependent on paint design. Comes in 2 flavors: 'Classic',  and '70/30'.



From flake filled candy fades to geometric chameleon rain camouflage and bikes that scream 'I love the 80's'- we’ve painted it all.

Developing and refining your dream paint-job requires some time and a professional designer to pull off well. For projects like these we partner with GoodColor Studio. You will be connected directly with the owner/designer James Bellerue to collaboratively bring your dream finish to life.