Dealer Spotlight - SUPERSPEEDSHOP

1Super Speed Shop

Being a CA based builder we are thrilled to team up with another CA based shop, the SUPERSPEEDSHOP. located in Santa Monica, CA the SUPERSPEEDSHOP is the new go to spot for those who are looking for the highest quality products and service. As soon as SSS came onto the scene it made sense to team up and together get more CA made Ti and Steel bikes out on the streets and trails of LA. Be sure to stop by next time you are in the area and see the amazing amount of thought and design that go into each Super Speed Shop build.



DIRECTIONS: Santa Monica, CA


From Super Speed Shop

"SUPERSPEEDSHOP is the pro mechanic shop trusted by those serious about their bikes in Los Angeles. Attila Reisz and Shawn Sims began planning SSS during the pandemic while riding the Santa Monica Mountains and opened the shop in mid 2023. With backgrounds in engineering, design, and fabrication the team is serious about custom builds and service. We are excited to welcome Stinner to SSS!" 



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